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Welcome to LANA, the Lambuth Area Neighborhood Association!

We are a group of homeowners and renters who love our unique part of the city and who want to protect our historic and older homes in the midtown area of Jackson, Tennessee. The LANA area encompasses over 1500 homes, apartments, and businesses.

The centerpieces of our neighborhood are the Jackson Madison County General Hospital, and The Jackson Clinic MidTown Medical complex, The University of Memphis at Lambuth, the Westwood Recreation Center, three city schools, The Lift, The Amp, The Farmers Market Area and the old Hollywood Cemetery. 

Currently, LANA is a non-profit organization and does not collect any dues but we do hold fundraisers to support various projects throughout the year such as the Downtown Dog Park, National Night Out,  Daffodil Project of LANA, Pocket Park and Flag Day Picnic


Today, the objective of our organization is to encourage and foster cooperation and coordination of neighbors to:

  • Preserve property values and revitalize the livability of the area.

  • Promote safety and security.

  • Encourage positive change to enhance the overall quality of life.

  • Stimulate interest in beautification and historic preservation


Over the years, LANA has grown with these objectives 

  • To organize events to encourage interaction among LANA residents. 

  • Provide information important to residents and the neighborhood for community awareness

  • Act as a politically active body when city and development issues intersect with neighborhood needs or wishes

  • To be the sponsor of and helping hands for the Downtown Dog Park              


If you live in the neighborhood, you are already part of LANA! We invite you to join us during one of our monthly meetings. Come meet your neighbors, voice your concerns and positive thoughts about the neighborhood and we encourage you to become involved in one of our projects.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


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